Star Wars Required Reading

What? You’ve waited 30 years for the sequels to the original “Star Wars” trilogy and you thought they’d arrive without homework?

Look you ungrateful shits, didn’t anyone ever lecture you along the lines of “anything worth having is worth working hard for”? Well now imagine I’m doing it. Also imagine that I have abs and glorious hair. And that I’m riding a unicorn.


Back to the task at hand. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is coming and it would appear there is some required reading before it gets here.

Let’s start with “Star Wars: Aftermath”, by Chuck Wendig. It’s a novel set right after “Return of the Jedi” The story involves antics at an Imperial Summit around the time that the former Alliance is forming “The New Republic”. Sure that sounds as boring as all get out, but the story has a role for one Wedge Antilles who we all fondly remember as Luke’s pal in the original trilogy (if not, you should start with the original movies before you worry about books). It also has a kid whose best friend is an old Battle Droid he calls “Mister Bones” and which cuts the heads off of storm troopers and says “roger roger” all the time (like in the video game “Star Wars: Battlefronts”).

If that doesn’t fix your bad motivator, I don’t know what will.

There are also some interesting interlude chapters. One has Han and Chewbacca headed off to liberate the Wookie home world, Kasyyyk. Another has a strange figure buying scarred Mandalorian armor (Fett, bitchez!) off of some Jawas who are selling debris from Jabba’s barge.

The book itself has gotten fair ratings on Amazon. What I’ve read, I’ve enjoyed though. I’ll give it four banthas out of five.

Another book to get your hands on – which has gotten great reviews on Amazon – is “Star Wars: Lost Stars”. “Lost Stars” is a young adult novel by Claudia Gray and it follows two kids from the Imperial planet of Jelucan.

I haven’t gotten into this one, but what I’ve gathered is that the two kids – Ciena and Thane – come up through the Imperial ranks together until one of them decides he’s had enough and goes off to join the rebellion – pitting them each on opposing sides through some of the most famous moments in the original trilogy.

The story continues until more than a year after the events of “Return of the Jedi” and ends with the crashing of a star destroyer on the planet Jakku. It is suspected that this is the Star Destroyer we see crashed in the sand during the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer.


There is also a new comic series which kicked off this past week: “Star Wars: Shattered Empire”. Issue #1 (of 4 total) starts during the Battle of Endor, just seconds before the Han Solo’s strike team brings down the shields protecting the second Death Star. The issue focuses on a pilot, Shara, who was actively engaged in the dog fighting over the forest moon, and her husband, who was on Solo’s strike team.

The plot involves the discovery of a second Imperial base on Ender and the rebellion’s efforts to do the Ewoks a solid by eliminating it.

It has lots of good cameos and does a great job capturing the feel of its setting.

If you are a fan of Marvel’s other “Star Wars” comics (and you should be cause they are awesome), then this will not disappoint you at all. I’m giving it five out of five sand people.

No, take another look. All five are there. Sand people just like to walk single file to hide their numbers.

Finally, if reading is too much to ask of you at this point (pathetic), there is also a new mobile game, “Star Wars: Uprising”.

Here is the text from them opening crawl:

It is a time of chaos. In the
months following Emperor
Palpatine’s death, Imperial
Governor Adelhard has forged
an IRON BLOCKADE around the
Anoat sector, preventing its
planets from learning of the
Emperor’s fall.

Desperation and rebellion grow
in the shadows of the blockade.
On the impoverished mining
planet BURNIN KONN the people
turn to local crime bosses for the
goods they need to survive.

Evading the vicious Imperial
forces, a young SMUGGLER
carries a dangerous but highly
profitable shipment of explosive
crystals for the gangster

The basic idea is that the people in the Anoat sector are made to think the Empire won at Endor and that all is well. Eventually a message is broadcast from Princess Leia and the New Republic containing the inconvenient truth. Governor Adelhard does all he can to suppress the information – even going as far as “purging” anyone who has heard the broadcast – in order to protect his lie.

As for the game itself, it’s and RPG-style game where you play as a smuggler in bad with the local gangsters. Basically you’re a Han Solo clone, but, whatever. There are worse things to be  in the world to be.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” comes out on December 18th. You are running out of time to read to get crackin’.

Here are the quick links:

Star Wars: Aftermath
Star Wars: Lost Stars
Star Wars: Shattered Empire
Star Wars: Uprising

(Image: Disney / Lucasfilm)

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Corey Jenkins

Corey lives three miles from Disneyworld. He loves Batman, but hates Superman. He loves Star Wars but is indifferent to Star Trek. He's the last one to go into a Frozen sing-a-long and the last one to leave. He actually owns a Wii-U and uses it.
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Corey Jenkins

Corey lives three miles from Disneyworld. He loves Batman, but hates Superman. He loves Star Wars but is indifferent to Star Trek. He's the last one to go into a Frozen sing-a-long and the last one to leave. He actually owns a Wii-U and uses it.

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